Are B2B Are B2B companies really connecting or are we using bullhorn disguised as social media? I’m bringing this up because I’m as guilty as some B2B marcom folks who put out good, relevant content on the various social media outlets, but fail to make a real connection with real people. Continue Reading

Some small to mid-size B2B companies are soliciting the help of others in the organization to contribute to a social media program. In reality, it’s the thought leadership and technical expertise within these companies that adds value far more than marketing messages (social or conventional advertising). Learn more…

If Integrated Marcom Minute looks a little different or you were redirected from Blogger, that’s because I’ve been busy overhauling my entire website, part of which was to incorporate the Integrated Marcom Minute blog… and the reason why I haven’t posted in a while! Of course most of the credit goes to Kim Woodbridge, who […]

Keywords are the glue that ties your B2B integrated marcom program together. It’s also good “lead gen juice.” Whether you’re running a branding campaign or a product- or market-specific program, leveraging your keywords in the content you develop can have a greater positive impact on search results and helps you provide content that your target audience is looking for. As a result, you generate more qualified leads. The first step is to know your keywords and monitor them.

A B2B marketing communications (marcom) plan without SEO could undermine B2B lead generation programs and even worse, generate leads for your competitors. For some reason many B2B marketers don’t see the value of SEO. Often, B2B marcom managers are tasked with short term lead generation at the expense of long term search engine optimization. The harm in doing so is that without SEO, lead generation programs could drive leads to your competitors.