B2B marcom managers can leverage an abundance of PowerPoint presentations by integrating SlideShare into the marcom mix. For many B2B marketers PowerPoint presentations are easier and cheaper to produce than online video. So SlideShare can be a marcom manager’s best friend by enabling him or her to repurpose PowerPoint presentations with the added benefit of online lead generation. Learn how to successfully integrate SlideShare into the B2B marcom mix plus tips on optimizing your presentations for search and the social sphere. Learn moreā€¦

A B2B marketing communications (marcom) plan without SEO could undermine B2B lead generation programs and even worse, generate leads for your competitors. For some reason many B2B marketers don’t see the value of SEO. Often, B2B marcom managers are tasked with short term lead generation at the expense of long term search engine optimization. The harm in doing so is that without SEO, lead generation programs could drive leads to your competitors.