What is integrated marcom and why should you care?

Archived from August 15, 2005

What is integrated marcom and why should you care?
Integrated marcom is when you combine a variety of marketing communication tools to deliver a bigger return on your promotional campaigns. These components can include email, postal mail, websites/microsites, PR, case studies, print and electronic ads, etc. — all targeted to a specific audience.

Be careful here. This is where many marketers fail to truly integrate. It’s not just about using all of the components together. It’s about message consistency and continuity throughout.

Here’s the incredible truth about what B2B marketers have seen with integrated marcom:

  • A campaign that I recently worked on for a client delivered a 125% increase in results over a one or two component promotion. This campaign used a combination of email, postal mail, banner ads, landing pages, plus Google ad. All focused on a specific benefit for a specific audience.

And here’s more incredible news:

  • Your brand becomes stronger
  • Your customers become more loyal

And here’s how it works. . .
Let’s say you’re launching a new product. Convey your product’s top two or three benefits for a target audience with a press release, banner ad and or print ad, email blast, postal mailer, landing pages (for the previously mentioned vehicles) and trade show signs.

Sound familiar? “I’m doing this now,” you say. But are you really integrated?

Remember… it’s not just about using all of these components together. Make sure that your message is the same in all media. Your message may be shorter for a subject line, but can be longer in a postal mailer.
The trick is persuading your audience with the right message, and then optimizing the advantage of each communication medium to produce more results.

I know a few of these tricks, so if you need help integrating your next campaign, call me (845) 778-5095. Or if you just want my feedback on something you think is pretty well integrated, I’d be happy to take a look.

What about you… do you have any integrated marcom tips to share?
Tell me and I’ll publish your trick in an upcoming issue. Or perhaps you have an integrated marcom blunder. We learn just as much from our mistakes as from our successes. Share it!

More next time…
Joan Damico

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PS Did you know?…

33% of a recent DM News poll say that they respond to postal mail by going online. Try boosting your response by offering an online link in your next postal mailer. But remember… don’t send visitors to a generic home page or product page. Create a specific landing page that reiterates your message, looks like the mailer and asks for a specific action. You’ll get more accurate tracking results and more conversions. Now that’s integrated marcom! More next time…