“Three Important Rules for Online Video Ads “

June 2007

Will your online video ads succeed or fail? These three rules could make the difference.

3 Important Rules for Online Video Ads

Online video is quickly becoming an important integrated marketing communications tool for its ability to engage visitors. Here are three important rules to ensure successful online video ads.

  1. Video ads are not repurposed TV spots
    Use the interactivity of the internet to make your video ad more engaging. For example, include hot spots on images or clicks to more information.

  2. 30 seconds can be too long – especially if the ad precedes a lengthy video clip (lengthy being 1.5-2 minutes)
    The limit most viewers will tolerate for a video ad is 10 seconds. Typical length is 15 – 30 seconds.

  3. Provide controls for your viewers
    Make it easy for visitors to control volume and stop or start the ad.

For more information on video ad standards visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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