The “ups & downs” of integrated marcom

Archived from Sept. 26, 2005

Last month, you learned the incredible results integrated marcom can achieve for you. This month, you’ll see how one company experienced an amazing 700% increase in annual leads by using an integrated approach. By the way… if you’d like to see last month’s issue again, click here.

Integrated marketing has become so popular that a recent issue of BtoB Magazine included a special report by Kate Maddox on integrated marketing success stories. Here’s one that really hit pay dirt.

The "Ups & Downs" of Integrated Marcom…
We’ve all experienced the ups and downs of developing a successful campaign. Well,here’s a company that literally has it ups and downs – an elevator company that recently experienced the ups of an integrated marketing campaign with skyrocketing results.
If you’ve ever had to walk four or five flights of stairs, you really know and appreciate the benefits of elevators. What you may not know about low rise elevators is that there’s a machine room – almost another floor – where the equipment that runs the elevator is housed. It takes up valuable space and the oil used to cool the motor can be an environmental concern. That’s why Kone Corp. unveiled a system that didn’t require the extra space or the oil. But there was one

problem… they had little brand recognition in the U.S. despite their popularity in Europe.

Integrated marcom hits pay dirt
What did they do? You guessed it… they turned to integrated marketing. And the results were spectacular – a 700% increase in annual leads from the previous year! Kone integrated: direct mail, microsite, public relations, trade show and special promotions. Their goal was to increase awareness and stimulate sales. And it worked!

Remember, it’s not enough to simply use a combination of these components. You have to focus your resources on the best combination that will reach your intended around which to integrate the product launch campaign. All creative elements whether print or online had consistent messaging and similar look and feel. Plus every creative element included the URL of the product microsite.

What’s the secret?

Now if you’re like most marketers, you probably use a combination of these elements too. But have you seen a 700% increase in leads? Here’s the secret… integration true integration.

Have you considered the timing of your integrated elements? Kone did with a preshow mailer announcing a special promotion – the chance to win a Ford Escape. Kone followed up with a post-show mailer too. And the results where phenomenal – the booth was swamped and qualified leads skyrocketed. Now that’s integrated marcom!

What about you? Do you have an upcoming product launch that needs to capture lots of leads and drive sales? Let’s talk about integrating your marcom mix for better results.

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