The Dumbest Copywriting Tip You’ll Ever Read

September 2008

You’ll probably read this and say… duuuuuh! Yet every day, good marcom professionals and copywriters overlook the obvious– including your company website and/or email address in offline marketing communications.

The dumbest copywriting tip you’ll ever read…

Forgetting to include a website and email URL in offline marketing communications is more common than you think.

Even worse, some marcom professionals make it difficult for customers and prospects to contact the company by burrying the email link, or on more focused marcom pieces, sending visitors to the home page instead of the page relating to the specific marketing communication.

It’s like having a glaring typo in your headline. No one intends to do this, it just happens. So here’s a quick marketing communications checklist:

Ten Places to Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing Communications

  1. Brochures (thanks to templates, you’ll probably never forget this one)
  2. Postcards & holiday cards (this one may reference a microsite or landing page URL)
  3. Business cards (use the back side for even greater emphasis)
  4. White papers, case studies, publications (use specific URLs tied to the content i.e.
  5. Envelopes & stationery (again… link to specific landing page if contents are promotional)
  6. Product labels
  7. Packaging
  8. Promotional items (jackets, tee shirts, flash drives, key chains and more)
  9. PowerPoint presentations
  10. Videos, podcasts, webinars (anything that customers can view, download or print)

Remember… if the offline marcom piece is tied to a campaign or promotion that’s associated with a specific microsite or landing page, then use the microsite or landing page URL to avoid reducing click through and conversion rates.

Check out the Marketing Maven Blog for more tips on integrating online and offline marketing.

That’s integrated marcom!

More next time…

PS Tell us your suggestions for integrating online and offline marketing communications. Post your tip to the Integrated Marcom Minute Blog.