Planning Your 2009 Marcom Budget

July 2008

Have you given any thought to next year’s marcom budget? Whether you’re fully engaged in or just starting the budget process, a recent New Jersey Marcom Council survey may help.

PlanningYour 2009 Marcom Budget

Recent survey may help…

Not surprising the more than 200 survey respondents are expecting to shift their integrated marketing communications budgets toward online programs. But surprisingly, some marcom managers are sticking with a more traditional mix. Perhaps in this uncertain business climate, marketers have less appetite for risk.

Here are the top ten elements that respondents are including in their marcom mix:

  1. Email, enewsletters, white papers
  2. Web sites
  3. Presentations (seminars or webinars)
  4. Collateral
  5. Direct mail
  6. Public relations
  7. Tradeshows
  8. Advertising–search engine optimization (SEO); search engine marketing (SEM)
  9. Advertising–magazine; newspaper
  10. Research

So what does this mean for B2B marketers?
More B2B marketers are shifting money away from traditional media and into online media, including social media.  But they’re still leaning towards a more traditional marcom mix.  

What percentage of your marcom budget should be allocated to online marketing communications?  I’ve seen numbers ranging from  40%-50%.

See the complete survey NJ Marcom Council Survey . Since most of the marketing mix elements require a good copywriter, allocate your copywriting resources accordingly. And remember, if you need additional copywriting help, I’m just a phone call  (845) 778-5095  or email away.


That’s integrated marcom!

More next time…

PS What does your integrated marcom mix look like for 2009?  Tell us on the Integrated Marcom Minute Blog.