My 2 cents on the 2-cent postal hike…

January 2006

Happy 2006 and welcome to the first Integrated Marcom Minute of the new year.

Have you heard about the recent postage rate increase? It’s official, the price of first class postage increased from 37 cents to 39 cents. The postcard rate of 23 cents went up to 24 cents.

So what does that do to your integrated marcom strategy?

Let’s take a look at how a few smart marketers continue to integrate postal and email to boost response. You just have to make a few minor changes to your integration strategy to optimize your use of postal mail. Here’s how…

2 Cents Well Spent
Postal mail still has a place in boosting response
Integrating postal and email has been proven to increase response by as much as 50%!

You can still take advantage of the boost in response without stressing your budget. You just have to be a little more clever in the way you integrate online and offline mailers.

Use email to optimize postal mail…
One of my clients uses email to "announce" the postal mailer. This way, you’re using lower cost email to optimize response on the more costly postal mail. Then, for added assurance, follow up with another email reminder after the postal mail drop.

Timing is everything…
Robert Moreau, partner, EVP Sales – Rubicon Marketing Group uses a slightly different approach. He suggests sending your email no more than a week after the expected receipt date of your postal mailer. Robert’s rule of thumb is to send your postal mailer about 7 working days after the mail drop. If you’re using bulk or 3rd class mail, Robert says to add about 3 days. days Your local post office can give you more

specific details or visit

And one more thing… Robert also suggests sending another email reminder. You can even mention the follow-up email in the direct mail copy. That way your recipients will know to expect it.

Here’s a more cost-effective postal alternative…
Some of my clients integrate postcard reminders with emailers. Postcards can be more cost effective than a number 10 envelope. You can try an online postcard vendor. I’ve found PurePostcards to be fast and cheap. The quality is good too. But there are many others others out there such as VistaPrint (they do business cards too) and

The bottom line is this…
your subject line that was probably glanced over in the inbox could be the postal mailer headline that gets a response. Not just because you used a different medium, but because you integrated and reinforced a message.

Now that’s integrated marcom.

More next time…
Joan Damico

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PS What about you? How do you plan to integrate postal mail into your marcom programs? Share your idea and I’ll feature it in an upcoming Integrated Marcom Minute.

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