Little-Known Linking Strategy that Really Works

January 2008

It seems like everyone is soliciting links. You know the emails I’m talking about. They’re usually from someone you really don’t know asking you to link to their website. A link strategy is an important part of a search optimization (SEO) program, but you don’t have to go out to the masses (or even spam) potential link candidates. Here’s a little known, yet effective link strategy the you can use right now…

Little-Known Linking Strategy that Really Works

Learn a quick, easy way to improve search results with linking…

Don’t underestimate the power of internal links… links to other areas within your site. Remember, search engine ranking is all about relevancy, so the more links to relevant content– even if it’s within your own site–the greater the relevancey and the higher the natural search ranking.

So what’s the message for integrated marketing communications?

An internal link strategy is a great opportunity to repurpose and get more mileage from your content–in addition to boosting your natural search rankings.

For example, let’s say you have a white paper on a new technology. Link to it from as many relevant places as possible including subcategories such as general “white papers,” “new technology” and “news.” Also link to relevant product and service pages.

If you have a blog, write an entry about your white paper. Better yet, break up the white paper into numerous blog entries and create links to and from the white paper. You could also create a separate landing or specialty page featuring the white paper with relevant links to other areas within your website.

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That’s integrated marcom!

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