Keywords… Too Much of a Good Thing?

March 2009

Good B2B copywriters make sure your content includes plenty of keywords. But what your copywriter may not know is that keywords, when used in overabundance, could actually hurt your organic or natural search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. Learn why…

Keywords… Too Much of a Good Thing

If a search crawler sees too many keywords, it could punish you in ranking because it thinks you’re engaged in “keyword stuffing”–a practice of adding repetitive keywords in the meta data or blending them into the background making them invisible to the viewer, but visible to search crawlers.

How much is too much? It depends on the number of keywords and the total number of words on the page–a.k.a. keyword density. Most experienced search marketers say that up to 7% density is ideal but 10% or more and you could hurt your organic or natural search ranking.

In reality, if your keyword density is 10% or greater, the content most likely won’t flow well and will read awkwardly at best. Try reading it out loud and see for yourself.

Some search marketers say that keyword density is old news and with today’s search algorithms, the only thing that keyword density analysis will do is help you understand on what keywords your site is optmized. You be the judge.

Learn more about keyword density and check your web pages using the free tools listed below.

Free Keyword Density Tools:

Remember… optimize each page for three to five keywords.

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