Keyword Selection…Are You Making These Common Mistakes

April 2009

B2B marketers can be especially inclined to making these common keyword selection mistakes. As a B2B copywriter and former B2B marcom manager, I’ve seen technology and industrial companies make these keyword mistakes time and again. Learn what they are and how you can avoid them…

Keyword selection… Are you making these common mistakes

Because of the technical nature of the B2B high tech and industrial audience, often the keyword terms that you’re asked to use are terms that are internally focused on what’s technically correct and not necessarily on what the market uses. Another common mistake is including keywords that no one is searching for. That said and branding aside, there may be some longtail keywords and phrases that get fewer searches, but the folks searching on them represent a high level of interest–a qualified lead. So keep in mind that brand related keywords are likely to be more general and have a higher search volume than keywords used for specific lead generation campaigns. (See my previous blog post PPC Copywriting Vs. SEO Copywriting… they’re inverse)

Learn how to overcome these common keyword selection mistakes along with a few others in Laura Centore’s article, Don’t Damage Your Brand with the Wrong Keywords!

Here are additional keyword related links that can help you build an effective keyword list whether you’re branding or generating leads.

Getting started is the hardest part. Download my keyword bank worksheet that will help you develop a keyword bank for branding and lead generation.

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