Is Social Media Optional

January 2009

Just as websites are no longer optional, social media may not be optional either–even for companies who choose not to actively participate. Learn the three basics of integrating social media into your marcom mix.

Integrating social media into your marketing communications mix

Social media is a part of having an online presence. While the tools are coming at us faster than we can understand how to apply them, it’s still important to integrate social media into your marketing communications mix. Does that mean you need a Facebook or Twitter account? Not necessarily, but here are three things you can do right now to familiarize yourself with the tools and better understand how the tools may help you achieve your marketing objectives.

  1. Listen to the conversation
    Search for blogs that pertain to your industry or target market, bookmark or subscribe to them and then follow them.

  2. Join the conversation
    Post comments on blogs of interest to you or your company. Remember… it’s not about blatent self-promotion. It’s about having a conversation, and your role is to add value to the conversation.

  3. Initiate the conversation
    Sign up for one or two social sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, and start your own conversation. Ask a question or share an interesting post from someone else.

Remember good integrated marketing communications tenets–be consistent with good relevant content. And you don’t have to go it alone. Once you determine your social media strategy and tactics, solicit the help of those within your organization or industry who can contribute content that will have a positive impact on your social media strategy. Here’s a great blog post on creating an effective content strategy from social media consultant Kari Rippetoe.

That’s integrated marcom!
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