How a New Offer Boosts Response by a Whopping 70%!

July 2006

You probably already know that changing one of your campaign elements (list, offer, copy or creative) could yield a much better response. Well here’s a change that really boosted one client’s response and outperformed a previous integrated campaign by 70%! See if it could work for you…

How a new offer boosts response by a whopping 70%!
The 40/40/20 rule still applies.

You already know that a good offer can have a profound effect on your campaign’s success. It’s the 40/40/20 rule that direct marketers have been using for years: 40% of your response results from the list, 40% from the offer and 20% from the creative.

But what I’m about to tell you really blew the doors off a recent campaign!

It started out as a typical integrated campaign — banner & print ads, landing pages, email blasts, postcard mailers, trade show, press conference and press release. So I decided to experiment with the offer to see if we could boost response.

More than a boost… more like a catapult!
Instead of offering the typical white paper, we offered a live 30-minute webinar by a recognized industry authority.

Bingo!… that’s what the audience was looking for. More people responded to the campaign than previous integrated campaigns that offered a complimentary white paper.

that’s integrated marcom!

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