Hot New Way to Make Banners Sizzle

May 2006

Do you have a love-hate relationship with banner ads? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, in a recent MarketingSherpa 2005 survey, banner ads finished 11th in the top 12 great performing online marketing tactics (followed only by email to rented lists). They held the same spot last year too. But that could soon change.
Here’s why…

Hot new way to make banners sizzle…

So what’s the big deal about banner ads?
Rich media. And I’m not just talking animation, but full motion video that you can control. It’s like mini TiVo!

With rich media, your banner space is optimized because your message can be layered just like a television spot. You can also put the audience in the driver’s seat by giving them choices — like letting them choose the ending to a movie.

Why would you want rich media?
Aside from the wow factor, rich media banners can boost awareness and results in several ways:

  1. Interactive
    Unlike TV commercials, rich media banners are interactive. That means your audience stays connected with your brand longer. Plus, it’s easier to measure results. It’s the best of both worlds — the interactivity and measurability of the internet combined with the streaming video of TV!
  2. Convenient

    Unlike conventional banner ads, you don’t have to click through to see the message. Rich media "pushes" the message into the banner, so you never have to leave the site you’re visiting. It’s like a microsite within a banner.

  3. Easy
    If you have footage from TV spots or access to video production, then shooting a video for the web is a cinch.
  4. Very targeted
    You can buy specific audiences, such as 35+ year-old males who like soccer and consume sports drinks. Rich media banners make it easier to measure response and continually optimize your message.

Rich media in action…
My colleague, Mike Gauthier of e-Tractions, says his firm has used rich media banners to help clients attract an audience they wouldn’t have otherwise reached. Mike said that some of his clients have huge television budgets, but a portion of their prospects don’t watch TV. Instead, they spend more time on the internet.

This is where Mike found Rich media to be effective…

“With rich media, we can optimize our clients’ television creative to run in a banner. Rich media extends their reach – not to mention retains audience interest longer.”

And the longer prospects stay connected, the greater the likelihood they’ll click and convert.

Now that’s integrated marcom!

More next time…
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