Finally… real data on the effectiveness of social media

May 2009

Everyone is talking about integrating social media into their marcom mix. Now several companies have real data on the effectiveness of integrating social media . Learn what Marketing News staff writer Piet Levy uncovered in a recent issue.

Finally… real data on the effectiveness of social media
Social media metrics can be measured as followers, web traffic, bookmarks, and other metrics and other metrics. Three companies shared with Marketing News what they did to get started and the metrics they used to measure effectiveness.

Sharpie–the indelible markers that now come a variety of colors and styles–has a blog and amassed more than 1600 Twitter followers as of May ( @sharpiesusan). The Twitter and blog are written in part by the public relations manager at Sharpie’s parent company Newell Rubbermaid, Inc., who told Marketing Power that she thought social media was too important to ignore and she spares an hour a day for blogging and tweeting. Aside from time, her investment was about $2K, which she said was mainly on the design of a masthead.

And then there’s B2B media company, Incisive Media, Ltd., that says social media has helped it generate $100K in event registrations and a 15% year-over-year increase in web traffic . Incisive Media started three years ago by spending less than 10 hours a week on social media. Their staffers now spend five to six hours a day on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finally, the Mayo Clinic is using social media to enhance its already successful word of mouth marketing program. They started out with syndicated podcasts available for free on iTunes, then expanded to a YouTube channel featuring new research and treatments. Now, 15 public affairs people contribute to the social media program. They say the blogs cost less than $100/year to maintain (aside from staffing costs) and the videos are done in-house with a $150 Flip Video Camcorder.

See the full article in Marketing News written by Piet Levy, Get the Word Out

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