“Can Podcasts Really Boost Natural Search Rankings:”

May 2007

Podcasts–whether audio or video–have the power to boost your natural search rankings. But only with keyword rich, relevant tags. Here’s how a new service can help.

Can podcasts really boost search rankings?

New tagging service can help

Just for the record, I’m not a paid spokesperson or affiliate–just an enthusiastic user. Having said that, I wanted to tell you about a new service that you might find useful if you’re planning on developing audio or video podcasts. It’s called Veotag, and it lets you add text-based tags to your podcasts. So what… you say?

Text-based tags can help boost your search ranking, because search engines like text–especially relevant text on which your clients and prospects are searching.
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Create a more engaging podcast

Veotags let you create a clickable table of contents that runs alongside your audio/video panel. So viewers can skip to the sections that they want to see or hear. You define the links and veotag adds them. You can also include hyperlinks within your Veotags to offer viewers even more relevant content. How’s that for engagement! And if you really want to engage your visitors, you can embed your Veotagged podcast directly into your blog… now that’s engaging, integrated marcom.

Boost relevance and search ranking

But here’s the real benefit of adding Veotags to your podcasts. You now have even more opportunity to add keyword-rich, relevant text to your audio and video, making it more conducive to search crawlers. Take a look at an Integrated Marcom Minute podcast updated with Veotags.

Tell us what you think about tagging on Integrated Marcom blog. Have you used it? Do you know of other tagging services?

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