“Big Mistake on Landing Pages… Are You Making It Too? “

November 2006

Many integrated marketers are doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Integrating your online campaign back to your website or microsite is totally appropriate. So why not integrate from your landing page?

Read on to find out.

BIG Mistake on Landing Pages…
Are you making it too?
Nothing kills conversion rates faster than a navigation bar on your landing page. What’s worse than a navigation bar? No landing page at all… sending click thrus to your home page!

The idea behind the landing page is to provide specific content based on a specific action — usually completing a form. When you give visitors more than a “submit” button, you’re shooting yourself in the foot… not to mention blowing a huge hole in your conversion rate.

And above all, avoid sending visitors to a generic web page expecting them to find the special offer that inspired them to click thru in the first place. Use a landing page that reiterates the offer and its benefits. Plus make the form easy to access —
above the fold — and easy to complete.

So where do external links and navigation bars belong?

Try your autoresponder. More on that in an upcoming issue. Can’t wait? Then visit the Resources section of my new website.

Now that’s integrated marcom!

More next time…
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