B2B Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

April 2008

Have you tried vertical search? It’s one of the most effective ways B2B marketers can generate highly qualified leads–especially B2B marketers of high tech and industrial products. And if you’re on a tight budget and need to show results, then vertical search may be the answer. Learn more here…

B2B Marketing’s Best Kept Secret…

How B2B marketers use vertical search to generate qualified leads.

Here’s the situation… you’re a B2B marketer selling industrial products into several markets. You have a limited budget and are expected to generate good quality leads. To advertise in the numerous trade publications takes a lot more budget, and print ads aren’t as measurable as online. Here’s where vertical search can help.

How vertical search works…

Vertical search is a portal or community of potential buyers in a specific market segment such as pharmaceutical manufacturing or chemical processing. Potential buyers subscribe the the site (usually free) and sign up for relevant content such as newsletters, podcasts and blogs.

For a fee, you join the community as a supplier, set up your company profile and list your products and services. Then, when buyers are searching for your products and services, your company appears. Vertical search aggregates content specific to a niche. So searchers don’t have to sift through the entire universe of websites to find what they’re looking for. They search the vertical search site which turns up the products and services relevant to their specific niche.

So what does this mean for B2B marketers?
For the price of one or two full-page 4-color print ads, you can access qualified buyers in numerous high tech and industrial markets from a single media buy. The vertical site also provides integrated marketing communications services to help you promote your business such as newsletter sponsorships, banner ads, list rental, etc.

Does vertical search work?

I’ve seen it work well for B2B high tech and industrial companies, whose budgets were constrained, yet still had to deliver qualified leads. And the good news is… it’s totally measurable. Part of the service is that you receive reports on your company’s activity.

But don’t just sign up and wait for the leads to come rolling in. You have to take advantage of the integrated marketing communications programs to really generate lots of good quality leads. So leverage your white papers, podcasts and other relevant content–it can boost your own website’s search rankings too.

Check out the following list of popular B2B vertical search sites…

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