Are You Ready for Myspace Corporate

October 2006

Well, I’m exaggerating about the MySpace "Corporate." The truth is, B2C marketers are leveraging social marketing via MySpace to build their brands and get more business. So what does that mean for us B2B marketers?

Social marketing is definitely “in.” But that doesn’t mean you have to slap up a MySpace profile for your company. There are other ways to integrate social marketing (a.k.a. social networking) into your marcom mix.

Are You Ready for MySpace "Corporate?"
How social marketing can help B2B marketers…
Social marketing is a popular buzzword right now. But social marketing has actually been around for quite a while. Trade shows and conferences are forms of social marketing. However, traditional social marketing is limited by time, space and costs. That’s where Web 2.0 has transformed social marketing by taking it online. Now, online social marketing is easily accessible by many more people at very little cost.

How can social marketing fit into your integrated marcom mix?
Social marketing in B2B terms is all about building a community to solve a business problem. Think about it… your clients use your products to solve business problems. What if your clients were able to discuss their business problems amongst each other? The outcome of these exchanges is valuable marketing information. So not only are peers helping peers, but they’re also helping marketers. That’s just one
example of social marketing at work in B2B circles.

So where’s all of this going?
The latest news from CNET is that IBM’s Lotus Division is adding social networking tools to its collaboration suite. It brings a MySpace-type interface to corporate intranets so that co-workers can easily share knowledge. Sounds like a “virtual watercooler to me.” Read the full article here.

Should you integrate social marketing into your marketing mix?
Many marketers are starting to develop integrated programs that include some aspect of social marketing. Click here to listen to a 10-minute podcast on how one marketer integrated social marketing in a clever way to reach the hard-to-reach Clevel executives.

Now that’sintegrated marcom!

More next time…

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