• Really like the letter. It\'s amazing what you can convey with relatively few words!
     Lois Tawney, Consultant/Programmer Lauzau Associates
  • This looks awesome!
     Media Relations Eastman Chemical
  • Wow... great!!!!!
     Steven Schragis, National Director Learning Annex New York
  • Joan proves herself to be the consummate professional providing quality, detailed work within budget. She delivers what she promises. Joan remains on top of our short list of consultants and we look forward to her help in the future.
     Tim Nelson, Client Services Manager Banklink
  • Joan helped us write website copy that focused on the benefits
     Kelli Martin, Chief Product Officer Metrics Group
  • Her ability to quickly grasp new concepts, technologies and ideas is complemented by her thorough research methodology. As a result of the aforementioned and the positive impact she has had on our marketing activities, I would highly recommend her to any enterprise.
     Jim Davis, President GretagMacbeth

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