Most management folks expect good results from their marketing programs… who wouldn’t! But when it comes to approving the budget, there’s a gap between management’s expectations of what it should cost and their expectations of results. And the expected results almost always exceed cost expectations. Bean-counter types will look at each element and want to […]

I used this as an email subject line for a client (B2B high tech). Overall, the open rate was about 20% — not bad considering I used a rented list. And CTR was just over 5%. But I did manage to piss off three recipients, one of whom took the time to respond and tell […]

Do you have a love-hate relationship with banner ads? A lot of marketers do. Banner ads finished 11th in the top 12 great performing online marketing tactics in a MarketingSherpa 2005 survey. The only thing worse than banner ads was email to rented lists. So I’m wondering if rich media will change that. What’s the […]

I’m talking about the other four letter “F-word”… free.A list broker recently advised me that it’s ok to use the “F-word” in a recent email blast. Until now, I was using “complimentary” and “no charge” instead of the more powerful “free.” The rationale was that although deliverability is lower when using the “F-word,” it was […]


Are corporate politics hurting your marketing programs?I recently read an article on why marketing programs fail. I can’t remember where I read it, but one of the top reasons was “corporate politics.” I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing that one first hand. No matter how hard you try to integrate all aspects of your campaign, […]


Is the concept of marketing campaign dead?According to a several speakers at a February NY BMA meeting, it may not be dead, but it’s getting a breath of new life. Electronic marketing tools such as blogs, podcasts and their underlying technology, RSS have required more technical saavy than conventional marketing vehicles like PR, direct mail, […]


Who’s using RSS and how? Marketers are turning to RSS as a way to avoid SPAM laws and get their message to the right people. But do you really think RSS is the anwer to SPAM? I think it has promise in the short term, but marketers will have build a subscriber list… it’s kind […]