B2B social media is infiltrating the enterprise. Learn how B2B marketing communications can lead enterprise social media adoption and help establish a company-wide social media center of excellence. Learn more…

Most B2B copywriters are familiar with the 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, promotion and placement. But what many B2B copywriters may not be aware of are the 5th and 6th Ps—person and purpose, discussed in a Brian Solis post, “Exploring the Fifth and Sixth Ps of Marketing.” Integrated Marcom Minute explains why the 5th and 6th Ps are important to B2B copywriters and how considering them can lead to more effective copywriting. Learn more…

Accela Communications’ client, Biomni saw a 76% increase in a white paper download using video versus the typical downloadable pdf file. It’s no surprise that video is more engaging. What’s important about engagment is that engaged visitors tend toward becoming buyers. I spoke with Accela rep Kevin Flatley who told me that Accela now offers […]

Integrating keywords into your online copy is more than simply plugging them in somewhere on the page. The point of optimizing copy is to boost relevancy in the eyes of the search engines and that in turn can boost rankings. The way to do that is to include specific keywords and phases in the follow […]

Thanks to a recent silverPOP study, here are a few quick tips on how you can make your B2B creative really “click” to the tune of a double digit boost. Use postcard-style layoutPostcard-style emails can boost click-through rates by as much as 50% compared to the popular newsletter-style format.(postcard style refers to large graphic with […]

The tried and true conventional direct marketer’s credo, “recency, frequency and monetary value” has all but given way to the new direct and interactive marketers credo… “recency, frequency and relevance“– not to mention permission.Thanks to technology, we can target our markets more effectively than ever before. Plus, more robust CRM applications allow us to track […]

Most companies choose the obvious keywords… company name, their product names and trademarks, and perhaps product categories. While that’s not a bad idea, what about all the keywords and phrases your clients’ and prospects use? Chances are, their keywords are different than yours. They’re typing in problems that your products and services can solve. People […]

The classic “leave-behind” has always been a staple of every marketing & sales department. You’ve probably been the recipient of a brochure, booklet or other memento of a sales visit.Leave-behinds still hold their place in the integrated marcom toolbox. In fact, with a little integration, you can turn the leave behind into a memorable brand […]

Apparently it does. In a recent campaign, I decided to try a different offer. In addition to the typical white paper, I offered a live 30-minute webinar. Wow… what a difference! Response increased by 70% over previous campaigns, which offered a white paper alone. What’s your take?*FYI… the 40/40/20 rules says that the list accounts […]

While many CEOs, CMOs, and other executives have shied away from blogging, the fact is, they can’t completely avoid it — no company can. It’s no longer a question of should I blog or not, but what is our strategy for monitoring and responding to blogs. And also, what is the plan should a crisis […]