A B2B social media strategy should include a conversation calendar. Your conversation calendar lists the media and frequency of all your social media activity. The conversation calendar acts as a dashboard of your owned and earned media and the number of posts anticipated per month. The conversation calendar is especially helpful if you’re a B2B […]

What’s the ROI of a brochure? Too granular, right? Doesn’t the same hold true for social media in B2B marketing? It’s the aggregate affect of the B2B marcom mix on sales and not the component level affect. Socialnomics author, Erik Qualman puts it into perspective in his 4-minute video. What do you think?

Now that Twitter announced its deal with Linked in to allow status updates on Linked in to appear on Twitter and vice Versa,(see announcement video here ) there’s a lot of talk about whether or not this is a good thing—connecting networks. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone’s connections and goals are different. It’s important to […]

David Meerman Scott addressed the Business Marketing Association at their annual meeting in June 2009. One of his key messages was that B2B marketers need to overcome the fear of losing control over their marketing. Thanks to social media, B2B marketers aren’t in control anymore, and trying to control social media often backfires. David cites […]

I received a message from a fellow group member in an online community the other day. It read like this (note: names/titles have been changed): “My new white paper on XYZ – available to group members Feel free to download – don’t worry – no sales pitches!” Call me crazy, but when someone says, “don’t […]

Here’s the second in a series of “How To’s” to help you add social media to your integrated marketing communications program. Integrated Marcom Minute interviewed Katherine Watkins, Marketing Communications Manager, Eastman Chemical Company, to learn how she and her marcom team integrated social media into their marcom mix. Research took them down an unexpected path… […]

OK so you’ve setup your social media listening posts and developed your social media policy. Before you participate you need to develop your social media strategy. Here are several resources offering guidance on what your social media strategy should consider. The most important question you need to answer is why social media? How will it […]

If you’re in a heavily regulated industry like chemicals or pharma, then at least you’ll get a chuckle out of this video. A sales rep is petitioning legal to allow the rep to listen to social media conversations taking place in his clinical area. Find more videos like this on thinkdifferenthealth

Hash tags (the “#” symbol) are found on Twitter. They’re used to aggregate tweets on a particular topic. For example if you wanted to see tweets about search engine optimization, you would conduct a Twitter search on #SEO to see all the latest tweets about SEO. Likewise, if you tweet about a given topic and […]

I don’t really have an answer to the question. But I have a hunch that social media is more effective in the consideration and retention phases in addition to being highly influential in the awareness phase. A 2007 Enquiro study showed that for all B2B buying cycle phases, the top four online channels used by […]