It’s tough generating leads for B2B clients. Especially in a slow economy. So just for fun, take a two minute comic relief break and enjoy a funny video by the folks at HubSpot, who are serious about generating leads (and make funny videos about it).

The more I read about online video, the more convinced I am that it should be part of the B2B marcom mix as part of an integrated B2B marcom campaign. Aside from cost, the key objection that I hear to online video in the B2B space is that “my audience isn’t really online savvy.” You […]

Integrated marketing communications is ripe with tools from basic printed materials to social networking. But the one tool that B2B marketers are integrating into their marcom mix is video. Why? It’s enagaging. It lets you convey messages in 3D, which means you can have greater impact than you could from just a single print or […]

Accela Communications’ client, Biomni saw a 76% increase in a white paper download using video versus the typical downloadable pdf file. It’s no surprise that video is more engaging. What’s important about engagment is that engaged visitors tend toward becoming buyers. I spoke with Accela rep Kevin Flatley who told me that Accela now offers […]

If your 2008 integrated marketing communications plan includes online video (a.k.a. webcasts), here are seven great online video tips to make your webcasts more engaging. And if you’re a copywriter, check out tip number one. Personally, I like the “lean forward 20 degrees”–tip #6. Read all seven tips from Business Week columnist and former television […]

If your marketing communications mix doesn’t include online video, then you may be missing a good opportunity to enage senior execs. An IPSOS study shows that 49% of senior executives watch online video.

Dave Morgan, Media Post’s Online Spin blogger, summed up video advertising best when he said, “Certainly video is a mainstay for the entertainment industry. Research has proven that the more folks engage with excerpts of movies or music, the more likely they are to buy it later. Thus, the content itself becomes advertising. In fact, […]

I’m not sure if its novelty or effectiveness, but two recent studies have confirmed that online video is getting action. A recent Online Publishers Association (OPA) study indicated that 80% of respondents had seen video ads and 52% of that group took action. 15% went to a store to learn more 1% actually purchased A […]

Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? The reality is that integrated marketing can help. But here’s the secret… You have to integrate your marketing messages at a much deeper level–starting with your agencies and creative partners. That’s what Xerox did in their recent “frugal color” campaign. Barbara Basney, Xerox global advertising director, says integrating […]

…not to mention create a more engaging viewer experience. I’m talking about Veotag. A new service that lets you add clickable text to your audio or video podcasts. It’s like creating a clickable table of contents that runs alongside your audio/video panel. So viewers can skip to each section in your podcast–you define the links […]