I’m writing web content, making sure that my client’s copy includes their keywords in all the header tags, meta decriptions, links, bulleted lists, etc. I asked if they were planning any pay-per-click PPC programs, which they were. And then it occurred to me, their keywords were broad terms, that could get them a lot of […]

…not to mention create a more engaging viewer experience. I’m talking about Veotag. A new service that lets you add clickable text to your audio or video podcasts. It’s like creating a clickable table of contents that runs alongside your audio/video panel. So viewers can skip to each section in your podcast–you define the links […]

At a recent workshop on web analytics in a web 2.0 environment, several speakers noted that it’s not enough to measure clicks and page views. With the interactivity of web 2.0 such as social media, user generated content (UGC) we should be measuring “engagement” (there’s that word again). Your web analytics solution should enable engagement […]

It looks like B2B podcasts have become mainstream for many companies. So thanks to the early corporate podcast adopters we now have a good list of do’s and don’ts for successful B2B podcasts. If you have a do or don’t to share feel free to add it to this post… thanks! Do… Integrate podcasting into […]

Definitely… a recent DMA study indicated that email had the second highest response rate for lead generation at 2.45%… better and cheaper than direct mail. And a recent MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007” indicates that more than 35% of B2B marketers surveyed said email’s impact is increasing significantly. A couple of things to remember… […]

You know all those nice images on your website? You can use them to help boost rankings. But you have to include an “alt image” tag in the html code. What’s an “alt image” tag? It’s html code that looks something like this:img src=”images/company_about.gif” alt=”Joan Damico B2B copywriter & marcom consultant“ The copywriting enclosed in […]

Integrating keywords into your online copy is more than simply plugging them in somewhere on the page. The point of optimizing copy is to boost relevancy in the eyes of the search engines and that in turn can boost rankings. The way to do that is to include specific keywords and phases in the follow […]

Get this… video advertising is growing faster than paid search! (according to eMarketer) It’s one of the hottest properties on the internet — spending is expected to practically double in 2007. And it all goes back to “engagement.”We talked about engagement in an earlier post — it’s the depth of connection people make with your […]

If only SEO were as simply as adding a few keywords and phrases to your copy. But many variables interplay with copy to affect SEO – meta tags, reciprocal linking, paid search ads, etc. Optimizing your copy alone won’t make your rankings soar, but it does help. So my advice is this… Include at least […]

Along comes “engagement.” It’s true… I learned about it at a recent BtoB Magazinenetmarketing breakfast. And then a week later, it was mentioned at an InfoWorld breakfast. Though still a little vague, here’s my take on it. “Engagement” refers to the productivity of visitor’s time on your website plus the ability to create a two-way […]