More B2B marketers are realizing the power of content to engage prosepects as they move through the sales funnel. Content marketing or inbound marketing is especially effective as a B2B marketing communications strategy. Here’s an excellent presentation from on the power of content marketing. Shameless plug here: content marketing requires good content provide on […]

If you’re thinking about starting another website, remember the domain name is the first place to optimize for search. Read Choosing an SEO-friendly Domain Name. Akhilesh Gill of SEO Traffic Spider explains whether a dot com is still the best choice, plus shares tips on length and use of special characters.

A B2B marketing communications (marcom) plan without SEO could undermine B2B lead generation programs and even worse, generate leads for your competitors. For some reason many B2B marketers don’t see the value of SEO. Often, B2B marcom managers are tasked with short term lead generation at the expense of long term search engine optimization. The harm in doing so is that without SEO, lead generation programs could drive leads to your competitors.

Here’s a good presentation on why B2B marketing communications professionals need a content marketing strategy as part of their marcom strategy. B2B marketers can benefit from a content management strategy because it can help engage and move prospects further through the complex B2B buying cycle. Tell us what you think about content marketing. Online Marketing […]

If you’re like most B2B marketing communications departments, you probably don’t have in-house social media experts. And you probably don’t have a budget for hiring FTEs who are adept at social media. Your options are to leverage your agency, if they have a social media group and to build the skills in house using your […]

Perhaps it’s a B2B marcom thing, but all too often B2B online content fails to be relevant to the market. What’s worse is some online marketers “dress up” the content with images that further emphasize irrelevant content. A good example of this is content that focuses on a feature rather than a benefit. For example […]

The more I read about online video, the more convinced I am that it should be part of the B2B marcom mix as part of an integrated B2B marcom campaign. Aside from cost, the key objection that I hear to online video in the B2B space is that “my audience isn’t really online savvy.” You […]

Despite spending a collective $51 million/day on PPC, Fortune 500 Still ‘Largely Invisible’ In Natural Search says a Search Engine Land article by Matt McGee I had this conversationw with a B2B marketing colleague of mine and we both agreed that organic search is still an important part of an integrated marcom plan. It should […]

Not surprising, social media skills and the ability to identify key influencers in the social media sphere were noted as important according to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council annual survey. The good news is that more tha 60% of companies surveyed plan to invest in training their own staffs. See the survey results here. […]

It’s true, Search marketing is effective at generating leads and acquiring new customers, however it’s also effective when it comes to customer retention. It makes sense. B2B marketers have such a long selling cycle, that it would be a shame to spend time and money to get customers, only to lose them because they can’t […]