Whether you’re a B2B marcom manager who’s taking on social media as a grass roots effort (you and one or two colleagues) or you’ve enlisted a team, content creation can be daunting, even meeting the bare minimum frequency. Like many B2B marcom managers who are beginning a social media program, you and your already burdened staff are responsible for creating most of the content in addition to your day jobs. Before you read any further, make sure you have a content marketing plan and a conversation calendar in place. Then get ready to develop your B2B social media workflow.

The B2B integrated marcom manager’s role is expanding thanks to social media optimization (SMO). Marcom managers must connect the social media objects that their companies produce. Social objects are content introduced online such as blog posts and comments, Twitter tweets, videos, etc. that can become catalysts for conversation. These objects are all dangling out there in cyberspace. Individually they lack impact, but collectively, they are more impactful to marketing efforts. By developing content optimization guidelines, B2B integrated marcom managers are enabling social objects to connect, which will drive search results and business results.

In the past, B2B integrated marketing communications was about control—ensuring that the B2B marcom mix had consistent brand messages, tone and approach. Social media is about letting go of control but offering a framework. Learn how B2B social media has impacted B2B marcom managers.More…

Are B2B Are B2B companies really connecting or are we using bullhorn disguised as social media? I’m bringing this up because I’m as guilty as some B2B marcom folks who put out good, relevant content on the various social media outlets, but fail to make a real connection with real people. Continue Reading

Some small to mid-size B2B companies are soliciting the help of others in the organization to contribute to a social media program. In reality, it’s the thought leadership and technical expertise within these companies that adds value far more than marketing messages (social or conventional advertising). Learn more…

“I’ve been recommending that my B2B marcom clients keep informed of B2B mobile marketing. This article from iMedia Connection offers a good overview of this nascent market. Stay tuned… I’ll continue to share information and insights on B2B mobile and how it may fit within your integrated marcom mix.” The pieces are finally coming together […]

“I don’t know how anyone can do competitive SEO without growing their social network experience.” This was a quote from Lee Odden (@leeodden), CEO of TopRankMarketing, at a PRWeb webinar. It got me thinking about B2B SEO; and B2B companies who aren’t active in social media could have what may become a gaping hole in […]

A B2B social media strategy should include a conversation calendar. Your conversation calendar lists the media and frequency of all your social media activity. The conversation calendar acts as a dashboard of your owned and earned media and the number of posts anticipated per month. The conversation calendar is especially helpful if you’re a B2B […]

What’s the ROI of a brochure? Too granular, right? Doesn’t the same hold true for social media in B2B marketing? It’s the aggregate affect of the B2B marcom mix on sales and not the component level affect. Socialnomics author, Erik Qualman puts it into perspective in his 4-minute video. What do you think?

David Meerman Scott addressed the Business Marketing Association at their annual meeting in June 2009. One of his key messages was that B2B marketers need to overcome the fear of losing control over their marketing. Thanks to social media, B2B marketers aren’t in control anymore, and trying to control social media often backfires. David cites […]