We’re all guilty of this one: Your boss says, “We’ve got to generate more leads quickly – the sales meeting is next week. What can you do to help? Oh… and by the way, we don’t have any additional budget.” So you spring into action with a low-cost email marketing campaign using your house list, […]

A week ago I talked about a new marketing metric — engagement. Apparently it’s taking the marketing world by storm. In fact, there was a recent Consumer Engagement Conference, sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation and the American Association of Advertising Agencies. Here’s an interesting blog post about engagement by Max Kalehoff. He’s a writer […]

Along comes “engagement.” It’s true… I learned about it at a recent BtoB Magazinenetmarketing breakfast. And then a week later, it was mentioned at an InfoWorld breakfast. Though still a little vague, here’s my take on it. “Engagement” refers to the productivity of visitor’s time on your website plus the ability to create a two-way […]

Remember the term sticky. Sticky was a good thing… the longer visitors stayed on your website the better — better for branding, better for gaining more conversions and a better gauge of a visitor’s interest in your products and services. Now sticky means integrating your content to make it more efficient and logical for visitors […]