I had this discussion with an online marketing manager at a major consulting firm and she and I both agree that copywriters–with training in copywritng for SEO, of course–should write the meta title and description. They are in the best position to convey the relevance of the page to search engines. (Assuming that they’ve also […]

B2B integrated marcom programs should also include a social status monitor. By that I mean monitoring your online reputation. Do you know what others are saying about you online? Whether your PR agency is monitoring this as part of their retainer or you plan to monitor your online reputation in-house, a popular place to start […]

I attended a Powered webinar, Social Marketing: This ROI is Too Good to Be True!, and two messages were clear: social media marketing is more about giving than receiving social media marketing doesn’t take a lot of financial resources, it takes a lot of human resources Whether you’re a copywriter, marketer or outsourced marketing resource […]

In an older blog post–pre mainstream social media–I dicussed the B2B integrated marcom campaign and how the marcom mix shifts based on the buying cycle phase. Now that more B2B marketers are adding social media to the marcom mix, the question I’m often asked is, “Where does social media belong in the B2B marcom mix?” […]

The message I took away from yesterday’s B2B Magazine Netmarketing Breakfast was that B2B marketers can still market effectively–even with flat or reduced budgets. It’s all about optimizing the marcom mix that you already have. Most of the marketers in the room agreed that trying something new–even on a frugal budget–will be part of their […]

Integrated marketing communications is ripe with tools from basic printed materials to social networking. But the one tool that B2B marketers are integrating into their marcom mix is video. Why? It’s enagaging. It lets you convey messages in 3D, which means you can have greater impact than you could from just a single print or […]

A recent survey says that B2B marketers are slower to adopt Web 2.0 and social media than their B2C counterparts. The survey says that 15% consider themselves “pros” at Web 2.0 technology, while 54% are trying to learn it. The survey indicates that increasing reader engagement is the primary purpose of B2B websites. The tactics […]

If you’re a marketing communications manager who’s involved with or wants to become involved with social media, then Overdrive Interactive’s Social Media Map is a must-have tool. It includes everything from social bookmarking and B2B social networking sites to social networks, video sites and more–complete with links to each site. Thanks to my Twitter Tweep […]

Good B2B copywriters make sure your content includes plenty of keywords. But what your copywriter may not know is that keywords, when used in overabundance, could actually hurt your natural search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. Here’s why… If a search crawler sees too many keywords, it could punish you in ranking because it thinks you’re […]

OK… you’re probably sick of hearing about social media. So have you integrated it into your 2009 marketing communications program? A recent Forrester report indicated that more than 90% of B2B buyers are using some form of social media. (Thanks to my friends at HubSpot for posting this snippet.) Josh Bernoff goes on to say […]