A B2B social media strategy should include a conversation calendar. Your conversation calendar lists the media and frequency of all your social media activity. The conversation calendar acts as a dashboard of your owned and earned media and the number of posts anticipated per month. The conversation calendar is especially helpful if you’re a B2B […]

At a very high level, SEO is comprised of linking, on page/meta data content and other website mechanics (e.g. redirects, trusted URL, etc.). This post speaks to the page content element that B2B copywriters need to know. Start by examining your keywords… Many B2B companies underestimate the importance of this exercise. From a marketing standpoint, […]

For B2B’s greenest marketers, green marketing is not simply another initiative. Green has been integrated into the way they do business… it’s part of their corporate culture. Newsweek’s innaugural Green Ranking lists America’s largest 500 companies and ranks them based on their environmental sustainability efforts. Many of the B2B companies on the list have extensive […]

I received a message from a fellow group member in an online community the other day. It read like this (note: names/titles have been changed): “My new white paper on XYZ – available to group members Feel free to download – don’t worry – no sales pitches!” Call me crazy, but when someone says, “don’t […]

Here’s the second in a series of “How To’s” to help you add social media to your integrated marketing communications program. Integrated Marcom Minute interviewed Katherine Watkins, Marketing Communications Manager, Eastman Chemical Company, to learn how she and her marcom team integrated social media into their marcom mix. Research took them down an unexpected path… […]

I recently participated in a discussion about the criteria of a successful B2B blog. Assuming that your blog has good quality content and is genuine (if not, then what’s the purpose?), it boils down to three things: Recency Frequency Relevancy Recency refers to the last time you posted. If you’re blogging once a month, that […]

As a B2B copywriter, when a client tells me the offer is “call now,” I cringe. “Call now” is a great offer if your product or service is more of an impulse buy or a low consideration item–think infomercial. Using “call now” to set up an appointment or talk to a rep can be a […]

If you followed my last blog post on how B2B marcom pros can dive into social media, you will have set up your listening posts. So now you’re listening, but you’re not yet ready to participate because your legal department is concerned about risk. Here are helpful resources to share with your legal department on […]

Social media is growing at such a rapid pace that B2B marketers who fail to engage within the next 12-18 months could be at a competitive disadvantage. So over the next several months, Integrated Marcom Minute will cover a series of “How To’s” to help you add social media to your integrated marketing communications program. […]

Hi Alliance of Hudson Valley Women Business Owners. It was nice meeting you. Best of luck with your online marketing programs. In the meantime, here’s the presentation… B2B eMarketing Success: Practical Tips for Leveraging the Internet to Build Your Business View more presentations from Joan Damico.