B2B integrated marcom programs should also include a social status monitor. By that I mean monitoring your online reputation. Do you know what others are saying about you online? Whether your PR agency is monitoring this as part of their retainer or you plan to monitor your online reputation in-house, a popular place to start […]

I attended a Powered webinar, Social Marketing: This ROI is Too Good to Be True!, and two messages were clear: social media marketing is more about giving than receiving social media marketing doesn’t take a lot of financial resources, it takes a lot of human resources Whether you’re a copywriter, marketer or outsourced marketing resource […]

B2B marketers are adding Twitter to their integrated marcom programs. Who’s adding Twitter and Why?Here’s a list of early B2B Twitter adopters. I broke it down into four categories based on what I’ve observed on Twitter. Let’s keep the list going. If you or someone you know is using Twitter in a B2B marketing application, […]

Accela Communications’ client, Biomni saw a 76% increase in a white paper download using video versus the typical downloadable pdf file. It’s no surprise that video is more engaging. What’s important about engagment is that engaged visitors tend toward becoming buyers. I spoke with Accela rep Kevin Flatley who told me that Accela now offers […]

Well, I didn’t come up with the line, “transparency equals trust.” Geoff Ramsey, CEO – eMarketer coined it at a recent B2B Magazine Netmarketing Breakfast. He was referring to social sites, blogs, etc. that allow visitors to provide feedback. Sometimes feedback isn’t always positive. However, sites which offer transparency into the opinions of visitor’s, customers, […]

It looks like B2B podcasts have become mainstream for many companies. So thanks to the early corporate podcast adopters we now have a good list of do’s and don’ts for successful B2B podcasts. If you have a do or don’t to share feel free to add it to this post… thanks! Do… Integrate podcasting into […]

Integrating keywords into your online copy is more than simply plugging them in somewhere on the page. The point of optimizing copy is to boost relevancy in the eyes of the search engines and that in turn can boost rankings. The way to do that is to include specific keywords and phases in the follow […]

We’ve all been there. Something looked really great on paper, but didn’t produce in real life. This post is for anyone out there who’s had the courage to try something new. And despite it not working, you still managed to learn something from it. Why not share it, and help the rest of us learn […]

If only SEO were as simply as adding a few keywords and phrases to your copy. But many variables interplay with copy to affect SEO – meta tags, reciprocal linking, paid search ads, etc. Optimizing your copy alone won’t make your rankings soar, but it does help. So my advice is this… Include at least […]

Thanks to a recent silverPOP study, here are a few quick tips on how you can make your B2B creative really “click” to the tune of a double digit boost. Use postcard-style layoutPostcard-style emails can boost click-through rates by as much as 50% compared to the popular newsletter-style format.(postcard style refers to large graphic with […]