I was writing web content for a client and felt like I was writing blindly because I didn’t have a list of their top performing keywords. It turns out that the list is easy to generate. Search strategist, Benny Blum, explains how to generate a list of top performaing keywords in his article, How to […]

The question of ROI in social media continues to perplex many B2B marketers. Assuming you have a strong marketing communications strategy, you may need to adjust your metrics to effectively determine the ROI of social media because it isn’t cut and dry. In fact, in many cases we’re using web 1.0 metrics (clicks, conversions, etc.) […]

I don’t usually make predictions, but As a B2B marketer, I predict that social media is as big, if not bigger, than the internet was back in ’94 when everyone was scurrying to put up a website. I see it happening all over again with social media. It happened to a lesser extent in ’02 […]

If you’re like most B2B marketing communications departments, you probably don’t have in-house social media experts. And you probably don’t have a budget for hiring FTEs who are adept at social media. Your options are to leverage your agency, if they have a social media group and to build the skills in house using your […]

It’s still sketchy for a lot of B2B marketers, but social media marketing has earned a permanent spot in the marketing communications mix. Here’s how other B2B marketers are approaching B2B and integrating it into their marcom mix. Remember… social media is a tool not a strategy. You still need to understand your objective and […]

Perhaps it’s a B2B marcom thing, but all too often B2B online content fails to be relevant to the market. What’s worse is some online marketers “dress up” the content with images that further emphasize irrelevant content. A good example of this is content that focuses on a feature rather than a benefit. For example […]

My customers aren’t on Twitter, or My customers don’t really spend much time on the internet. I hear this from B2B marketers all too often. And I’m not sure on what they’re basing these statements. I think that a number of B2B marketers would be surprised at just how many people in the B2B space […]

Not surprising, social media skills and the ability to identify key influencers in the social media sphere were noted as important according to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council annual survey. The good news is that more tha 60% of companies surveyed plan to invest in training their own staffs. See the survey results here. […]

Here is one of the most effective case studies for integrated marketing communications–the 2008 presidential election. What’s really interesting is that it didn’t start with a grandiose message and slick creative. Instead, the focus was on a simple message and integrating the message within the fragmented communities making up the country. Enjoy the AdAge article, […]

B2B marketers can be especially inclined to making these common keyword selection mistakes. Aa B2B copywriter and former B2B marcom manager, I’ve seen technology and industrial companies make these mistakes time and again. You’ve probably seen them too–using internal technical words that folks just aren’t searching for or being a technical purist and using the […]