Hash tags (the “#” symbol) are found on Twitter. They’re used to aggregate tweets on a particular topic. For example if you wanted to see tweets about search engine optimization, you would conduct a Twitter search on #SEO to see all the latest tweets about SEO. Likewise, if you tweet about a given topic and […]

As a B2B copywriter, when a client tells me the offer is “call now,” I cringe. “Call now” is a great offer if your product or service is more of an impulse buy or a low consideration item–think infomercial. Using “call now” to set up an appointment or talk to a rep can be a […]

Well, it could also be an opportunity, but Google SideWiki is creating a stir among B2B marcom managers. Basically, Sidewiki allows anyone who’s downloaded the Google toolbar and Sidewiki application to add comments to any page on your website. The comments show up along the left margin. So what does Sidewiki mean to B2B marketing […]

If you followed my last blog post on how B2B marcom pros can dive into social media, you will have set up your listening posts. So now you’re listening, but you’re not yet ready to participate because your legal department is concerned about risk. Here are helpful resources to share with your legal department on […]

It’s tough generating leads for B2B clients. Especially in a slow economy. So just for fun, take a two minute comic relief break and enjoy a funny video by the folks at HubSpot, who are serious about generating leads (and make funny videos about it).

Social media is growing at such a rapid pace that B2B marketers who fail to engage within the next 12-18 months could be at a competitive disadvantage. So over the next several months, Integrated Marcom Minute will cover a series of “How To’s” to help you add social media to your integrated marketing communications program. […]

Hi Alliance of Hudson Valley Women Business Owners. It was nice meeting you. Best of luck with your online marketing programs. In the meantime, here’s the presentation… B2B eMarketing Success: Practical Tips for Leveraging the Internet to Build Your Business View more presentations from Joan Damico.

More B2B marketers are realizing the power of content to engage prosepects as they move through the sales funnel. Content marketing or inbound marketing is especially effective as a B2B marketing communications strategy. Here’s an excellent presentation from VizEdu.com on the power of content marketing. Shameless plug here: content marketing requires good content provide on […]

If you’re thinking about starting another website, remember the domain name is the first place to optimize for search. Read Choosing an SEO-friendly Domain Name. Akhilesh Gill of SEO Traffic Spider explains whether a dot com is still the best choice, plus shares tips on length and use of special characters.

Clients often ask me what skills they should be looking for when hiring B2B marketing communications (marcom) managers. The CMO Council reported in their Marketing Outlook 2009 that social media skills and the ability to identify influencers in the social media sphere as important skills. I would add that B2B marketers need to understand the […]