If there’s anything worse than reading brochure copy or website copy that’s all fluff about the company and not about what customers want, it’s reading a bunch of features that don’t mean anything to the readers. That’s why I recommend the “so what” or “BFD” (I think you can figure that one out…) test. It […]

Count the number of times the words “I” “our” “we” appear on your web pages.If these words are used too frequently, you could have a “self-centered” website–one that may not speak to the needs of your prospects and customers. Worse yet, copy that fails to answer the visitors’ question–“What’s in it for me?”–will kill engagement. […]

Integrating keywords into your online copy is more than simply plugging them in somewhere on the page. The point of optimizing copy is to boost relevancy in the eyes of the search engines and that in turn can boost rankings. The way to do that is to include specific keywords and phases in the follow […]

If only SEO were as simply as adding a few keywords and phrases to your copy. But many variables interplay with copy to affect SEO – meta tags, reciprocal linking, paid search ads, etc. Optimizing your copy alone won’t make your rankings soar, but it does help. So my advice is this… Include at least […]

Thanks to a recent silverPOP study, here are a few quick tips on how you can make your B2B creative really “click” to the tune of a double digit boost. Use postcard-style layoutPostcard-style emails can boost click-through rates by as much as 50% compared to the popular newsletter-style format.(postcard style refers to large graphic with […]

We’re all guilty of this one: Your boss says, “We’ve got to generate more leads quickly – the sales meeting is next week. What can you do to help? Oh… and by the way, we don’t have any additional budget.” So you spring into action with a low-cost email marketing campaign using your house list, […]

Here’s another lesson straight from the “school of hard knocks.”In order for a blog to be successful, one of the first lessons is make it real.Stop with the shameless self-promotion and provide relevant content written by a genuine person. Well, Wal-Mart learned that lesson the hard way. Their blog, “Wal-Marting Across America,” turned out to […]

Repurposing content is a great way to engage your prospects and customers using newer interactive media. But there are a number of considerations to make. Here are three biggies: Consider the medium… is it conducive to what you’re repurposing?In other words, don’t hire a voice talent to read a 20-page white paper and slap it […]

Remember the term sticky. Sticky was a good thing… the longer visitors stayed on your website the better — better for branding, better for gaining more conversions and a better gauge of a visitor’s interest in your products and services. Now sticky means integrating your content to make it more efficient and logical for visitors […]

Nothing kills conversion rates faster than a navigation bar on your landing page. What’s worse than a navigation bar? No landing page at all… sending click thrus to your home page! Think of it this way. Offering visitors too many options is like the difference between a local and an express train. A landing page […]