Whether you’re a copywriter, author, or anyone who’s ever written anything, you know the importance of a good title. It’s what draws readers in. But somehow the importance of the title doesn’t translate to web pages. If you wrote 5 books, would you give them all the same title? Or if you wrote 5 white […]

I hate when that happens–those silly copywriting mistakes that you know are wrong, but somehow fall through the cracks and get published. Here’s a quick reminder from Copyblogger:“Five Common Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb“

Green marketing is becoming increasingly more popular, now that it’s generally believed that we’re past the tipping point on global warming. Plus, companies including Wal-Mart are pushing sustainable packaging throughout the entire supply chain with their packaging scorecard, which takes effect this month. And with socially responsible investors (SRIs) carrying trillions of dollars of clout […]

Five Things SEO Copywriters Should Never Do Don’t place too many keywords too close together—search engines will punish you for it. i.e. Workforce automation from ABC company makes workforce automation easier to implement. Don’t use more than one theme on a single page. i.e. business process optimization and workforce automation. Break down categories and products […]

If your 2008 integrated marketing communications plan includes online video (a.k.a. webcasts), here are seven great online video tips to make your webcasts more engaging. And if you’re a copywriter, check out tip number one. Personally, I like the “lean forward 20 degrees”–tip #6. Read all seven tips from Business Week columnist and former television […]

B2B high tech and industrial buyers are using longer, more specific keyword search strings to find just what they need–especially if they’re further along in the buying cycle. When your copywriters use these same or similar search strings, you’ll have a greater chance of engaging more qualified buyers. Easier said than done. What often happens […]

Check out GlobalSpec’s Marketing Maven blog post to learn a few low or no cost ways to optimize your website for search engines. Don’t wait for a New Year’s resolution… these are things that every B2B marcom manager can to today including: Copywriting techniques for integrating keywords, How to improve your meta data to improve […]

Many B2B copywriters and marcom pros leave the images up to the art department. That makes sense except when including images on your website. B2B copywriters, or any copywriter for that matter, should write an alternate description for the image–a.k.a. alt img tag. (That’s the copy that appears when you mouse over the image) Why?… […]

In general the least amount of copy you can use to get your message across is best–no surprise there. However, you should also consider the following variables according to Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Director, MarketingExperiments.com: Cost: lower=less copy; higher=more copy Perceived risk: low=less copy; higher=more copy Level of Commitment: low=less copy; high=more copy Motivation: emotional/impulse=less copy; […]

One of the toughest things about optimizing copywriting for search engines is working in the keywords as frequently as possible and still making sense of the copy… not to mention making the copy compelling and engaging. Well, here’s a copywriter’s holy grail of keywords–a glossary. It’s a terrific place for keyword content. And if you’re […]