A week ago I talked about a new marketing metric — engagement. Apparently it’s taking the marketing world by storm. In fact, there was a recent Consumer Engagement Conference, sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation and the American Association of Advertising Agencies. Here’s an interesting blog post about engagement by Max Kalehoff. He’s a writer […]

Social marketing is definitely fashionable for B2C marketers. They’re cleverly integrating it into their marketing mix to build their brands and get more business. So what’s that have to do with B2B marketing? Well, you don’t necessarily have to slap up a MySpace profile to integrate social marketing in your B2B programs. When you think […]

Repurposing content is a great way to engage your prospects and customers using newer interactive media. But there are a number of considerations to make. Here are three biggies: Consider the medium… is it conducive to what you’re repurposing?In other words, don’t hire a voice talent to read a 20-page white paper and slap it […]

Along comes “engagement.” It’s true… I learned about it at a recent BtoB Magazinenetmarketing breakfast. And then a week later, it was mentioned at an InfoWorld breakfast. Though still a little vague, here’s my take on it. “Engagement” refers to the productivity of visitor’s time on your website plus the ability to create a two-way […]

Remember the term sticky. Sticky was a good thing… the longer visitors stayed on your website the better — better for branding, better for gaining more conversions and a better gauge of a visitor’s interest in your products and services. Now sticky means integrating your content to make it more efficient and logical for visitors […]

Nothing kills conversion rates faster than a navigation bar on your landing page. What’s worse than a navigation bar? No landing page at all… sending click thrus to your home page! Think of it this way. Offering visitors too many options is like the difference between a local and an express train. A landing page […]

The tried and true conventional direct marketer’s credo, “recency, frequency and monetary value” has all but given way to the new direct and interactive marketers credo… “recency, frequency and relevance“– not to mention permission.Thanks to technology, we can target our markets more effectively than ever before. Plus, more robust CRM applications allow us to track […]

Most companies choose the obvious keywords… company name, their product names and trademarks, and perhaps product categories. While that’s not a bad idea, what about all the keywords and phrases your clients’ and prospects use? Chances are, their keywords are different than yours. They’re typing in problems that your products and services can solve. People […]

The classic “leave-behind” has always been a staple of every marketing & sales department. You’ve probably been the recipient of a brochure, booklet or other memento of a sales visit.Leave-behinds still hold their place in the integrated marcom toolbox. In fact, with a little integration, you can turn the leave behind into a memorable brand […]

Apparently it does. In a recent campaign, I decided to try a different offer. In addition to the typical white paper, I offered a live 30-minute webinar. Wow… what a difference! Response increased by 70% over previous campaigns, which offered a white paper alone. What’s your take?*FYI… the 40/40/20 rules says that the list accounts […]