One of the toughest things about optimizing copywriting for search engines is working in the keywords as frequently as possible and still making sense of the copy… not to mention making the copy compelling and engaging. Well, here’s a copywriter’s holy grail of keywords–a glossary. It’s a terrific place for keyword content. And if you’re […]

Integrated marcom is more than integrating your online content and marketing campaigns with your offline versions. In fact, for some B2B technology marketers, 80% of their marcom is strictly online. And integrated marketing communications works exceptionally well here too–especially when it comes to search. SEO and the 1-2-3 punch: Here’s an example that B2B marketer […]

If there’s anything worse than reading brochure copy or website copy that’s all fluff about the company and not about what customers want, it’s reading a bunch of features that don’t mean anything to the readers. That’s why I recommend the “so what” or “BFD” (I think you can figure that one out…) test. It […]

Count the number of times the words “I” “our” “we” appear on your web pages.If these words are used too frequently, you could have a “self-centered” website–one that may not speak to the needs of your prospects and customers. Worse yet, copy that fails to answer the visitors’ question–“What’s in it for me?”–will kill engagement. […]

If you’re a B2B marketer of technology products and services, it’s a good idea to integrate podcasts into your marketing communications mix. Here’s why… A recent MarketingSherpa 2007 Benchmark Guide suggests that nearly 80% of B2B tech buyers (decision-makers) surveyed listen to podcasts. That same sentiment was echoed in a collaborative eMarketer & WebTrends report […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Web 2.0. For some B2B marketers, Web 2.0 immediately conjures up thoughts of flashy videos, consumer-oriented sites that offer games and communities like MySpace- anything to hawk another can of soda or the promise of thin thighs in 2-weeks! Thanks to a recent survey, […]

Dave Morgan, Media Post’s Online Spin blogger, summed up video advertising best when he said, “Certainly video is a mainstay for the entertainment industry. Research has proven that the more folks engage with excerpts of movies or music, the more likely they are to buy it later. Thus, the content itself becomes advertising. In fact, […]

Both have the potential to do good–good for B2B companies and good for the environment. In fact, I’m surprised that more B2B marketers haven’t hopped on the “green marketing” bandwagon by now. But I do believe it’s coming. GE’s Ecomagination campaign was probably at the forefront, and Wal-Mart is getting a lot of press about […]

I’m not sure if its novelty or effectiveness, but two recent studies have confirmed that online video is getting action. A recent Online Publishers Association (OPA) study indicated that 80% of respondents had seen video ads and 52% of that group took action. 15% went to a store to learn more 1% actually purchased A […]

I’m hearing more titles like Integrated Marketing or Marcom Managers or Web Marketing Managers. So what does this mean for the traditional B2B marcom manager? Let’s face it… no one’s brand standards or brand identity elements are more front and center that that of the integrated marketing manager or web marketing manager. However, brand identity […]