Trust… that’s what’s in a domain name. Also known as “trusted URL,” your domain name over time builds trust with search engines. So why risk trust–unless you plan on pouring a lot of marketing dollars into developing another domain? Here’s what I mean. Your integrated marketing communications manager embarks on a new campaign for a […]

Maybe not… but as a copywriter or marcom professional you’ll probably read this and say… duuuuuh! Yet every day, good copywriters and marcom professionals overlook the obvious–including your company website and/or email address in offline marketing communications. Even worse, they make it difficult for customers and prospects to contact them by burrying the email link […]

It’s neatly organized by website component from selecting a domain name and writing product pages, to website design and navigation. You’ll also get tips for commerce sites. “The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period” was compiled and written by Stoney deGeytor. I’ve seen a lot of checklists, but this one just may be the best […]

Does integrating social media into your marcom mix mean putting up a Facebook or Myspace page? Not necessarily, but maybe… Going back to marketing basics, if your audience is on MySpace, FaceBook or any of the other social networking sights, then you should be there too… that’s marketing 101. And for B2B marketers, just because […]

Whether you’re deep in the throes of budgeting or just starting, a recent New Jersey Marcom Council survey may help. Not surprising, most companies are shifing their integrated marketing communications budgets toward online programs. In fact one survey (I think it was from suggests 50% of marketing budgets will go to online marketing. Tell […]

Email newsletter White papers Case studies If your integrated marketing communications program doesn’t have them you could be missing important opportunities to generate and nurture leads–not to mention boost search visibility. The survey results come from a recent combined BtoB Magazine and Junta42 study which shows that custom content spending is up. I see it […]

Whether you’re a copywriter, author, or anyone who’s ever written anything, you know the importance of a good title. It’s what draws readers in. But somehow the importance of the title doesn’t translate to web pages. If you wrote 5 books, would you give them all the same title? Or if you wrote 5 white […]

It never seems like there’s enough marcom budget to accomplish your objectives. But when your marcom budget is really contstrained, syndicating your content through vertical search sites can be an effective way to meet your objectives… even on a shoestring budget. Here’s how it works. You pay a fee, which can range from a monthly […]

I hate when that happens–those silly copywriting mistakes that you know are wrong, but somehow fall through the cracks and get published. Here’s a quick reminder from Copyblogger:“Five Common Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb“

Green marketing is becoming increasingly more popular, now that it’s generally believed that we’re past the tipping point on global warming. Plus, companies including Wal-Mart are pushing sustainable packaging throughout the entire supply chain with their packaging scorecard, which takes effect this month. And with socially responsible investors (SRIs) carrying trillions of dollars of clout […]