OK… you’re probably sick of hearing about social media. So have you integrated it into your 2009 marketing communications program? A recent Forrester report indicated that more than 90% of B2B buyers are using some form of social media. (Thanks to my friends at HubSpot for posting this snippet.) Josh Bernoff goes on to say […]

Email has been under fire ever since the advent of SPAM and CANSPAM legistation. However, it’s still a good tool when used part of an integrated social media marketing campaign. Of course you should include your social links in your email signature, but you can also use email to notify your subscribers that you now […]

Asking if your company should have a website is a no-brainer. But what about social media?… Is it optional anymore? Social media is a part of having an online presence. While the tools are coming at us faster than we can understand how to apply them, it’s still important to integrate social media into your […]

Integrated marketing communications can be more effective with a “keyword bank or glossary” (That’s your company’s inventory of keywords and phrases.) Some B2B marketers only think of keywords in the context of a website. When you think beyond your website, you can leverage your keywords and phrases to boost search ranking from all of your […]

Here are a few ideas that can easily be integrated into your holiday newsletter or other eMarketing promotion: Offer a complimentary article or white paper. In fact, here’s my gift to you — a complimentary copy of Four Ways B2B Marketers Are Using Twitter. Get your copy here . Everyone enjoys interesting animated greeting cards. […]

Having an opt-in list is no guarantee of performance. So before you read further, here’s a quick direct marketing refresher The list accounts for 60% of campaign success followed by 20% creative and 20% offer. And remember the direct response online marketing credo , “Recency… frequency… and relevancy.” That said, I recently conducted a client […]

B2B marketers are adding Twitter to their integrated marcom programs. Who’s adding Twitter and Why?Here’s a list of early B2B Twitter adopters. I broke it down into four categories based on what I’ve observed on Twitter. Let’s keep the list going. If you or someone you know is using Twitter in a B2B marketing application, […]

“Half of all social media campaigns will flop“Why… because they lack “mutual purpose.”Carolyn McCarthy’s social media blog for Cnet News explains in an interview with Gartner research analyst, Adam Sarner. What’s it mean for integrated marketing communications?It’s like we’ve been saying all along, it can’t just be about you; it has to be about your […]

I asked this question of the LinkedIn Community. More specifically, I wanted to know how other B2B marketers are using Twitter to generate leads and sales. Here’s what they said http://tinyurl.com/twitter-marketing. How are you using or planning to use LinkedIn in your marketing communications mix? Tell us here.

Any good integrated marketing communications program should include monitoring of online conversations about your brand. Now you can track Twitter conversations (“Tweets”) about your brand. Using www.tweetscan.com, you can set up Twitter alerts and receive them via email or RSS.