Do Your Marketing Communications Feel Like Marketing?



"Good marketing doesn't feel like marketing."  Tom Fishburne

“Good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”
Tom Fishburne

Marketoonist Tom Fishburne says, “Good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

We all know the feeling of being bombarded by marketing messages… lose weight fast… ten steps to younger looking skin… get rich in two weeks.  Seriously, if all the spam in my inbox were true, I’d be 10 pounds lighter, filthy rich, and maybe even be a man… a well-endowed one at that!

So what does good marketing feel like?  To me, good marketing is when your prospects and customers feel as though they’ve been helped. From a B2B integrated marcom perspective that means a content strategy that addresses their issues first as a person and secondly as an employee who has a job to do that your product or service will facilitate. It’s the story behind the strategy that humanizes your marketing communications… even for B2B products.

Remember the adage: emotions sell; logic justifies the purchase

Case in point.  I was hired to write a white paper about a technology that helps scientists conduct analyses of materials. Now I’m not a PhD scientist, but PhD scientists are people too, so we have something in common. They also have lives beyond the lab.

So in addition to the typical specifications, features and benefits of the product, there was a human story.  It was the story behind all the fancy charts, graphs and sophisticated mathematical analysis.

The story was about discovery—finding a needle in a haystack and solving a mystery quickly and definitively. Thanks to the technology, these scientists weren’t stuck toiling in the lab. They became the unsung heroes providing much needed information that helps make products safer and perform better.

B2B Integrated Marcom Takeaways:

  • Build your marcom plans around the story
    Pick the top three human elements of your story and integrate them into your content
  • Determine the best media and channels for your story
    Some points are best made in video, while others in a simple cartoon or visual. Regardless of medium and channel all communications should consistently support the story.
  • You still need the tech stuff
    Before you get all touchy feely about the human side of the equation, remember that as more people show interest and feel good about your products, logic justifies the purchase; and for that you need the tech specs.

How do you integrate the human story into your B2B marketing communications?

By: Joan Damico

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