Is B2B Marcom Creating Valuable Content?


B2B content marketing when done effectively should drive business results. B2B marcom must have good content, but also a good process and technology in place to create valuable content effectively.

Creating valuable content requires an
effective process and the right technology.

Now that content marketing in is the “majority” phase of adoption, there’s been a lot of banter lately about its effectiveness in driving revenue. Some even suggest that B2B content marketing is failing B2B buyers.

So when the folks at *Kapost interviewed me about what makes content valuable, five areas came to mind:

  1. How well organized are social media efforts within the enterprise to deliver a compelling message that exemplifies the value of the brand?
  2. Are B2B copywriters and marketers creating the content prospects need to make the right decision?
  3. Are we B2B marketing communications and content marketing managers compromising quality to meet demands for quantity?
  4. Do copywriters, editors and publishers have the right tools to effectively and efficiently manage content today and are they scalable to meet tomorrow’s needs?
  5. Given the lengthy B2B buying journey and the fact that 57 percent of the journey is complete before a sales rep is contacted, are marketing and sales aligned to provide the right communications that support conversion?

Get the answers in the full interview with Anne Murphy, Managing Editor of The Content Marketeer.

*Disclosure: I am an end user of the Kapost content management platform.

By: Joan Damico

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