B2B Content Marketing – How marketing and sales alignment drives revenue


In a recent LinkedIn discussion a sales professional lamented that what sales doesn’t need is yet another white paper that brings in more tire kickers than qualified leads. He’s right.

The rep went on to say that he doesn’t quite see how yet another white paper is going to help him meet his $2 million sales goal either. Again, he’s right.

If B2B marcom teams are generating “yet another white paper” that’s not engaging prospects or moving them further along the buying journey, then the issue has less to do with the content and more to do with the chasm between marcom and sales. ┬áIt’s a process issue that requires closer collaboration between marcom and sales to deliver more relevant content to the right prospects when and where it’s needed in the buy cycle.

The following slide share draws the correlation between content volume, engagement and revenue when B2B marcom and sales are aligned.

Tell us what you think. Is marketing and sales alignment driving revenue? What best practices avoid the “yet another white paper” syndrome and bring productive marcom and sales collaboration?

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