B2B Marcom’s Best Kept Content Secret


B2B marketing communications can quickly and easily leverage presentations and other documents via SlideShare to boost leads and search results.

SlideShare offers a fast, easy way for B2B marcom to boost leads and search results by leveraging existing content.

A 2013 BtoB Magazine survey, “Social media: From Marginal to Mainstream,” indicates that only 13 percent of B2B marketers use SlideShare.  On the other hand, the same report indicates that 80 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, the social site that acquired SlideShare in May of 2012.

In my opinion, LinkedIn and SlideShare go hand in hand for B2B marcom, and I expect the acquisition to integrate many of the SlideShare tools such as LeadShare within LinkedIn. That remains to be seen; however, SlideShare is still an excellent marcom resource for repurposing conference presentations and even internal presentations that are not “company confidential.”

While there have been numerous articles touting the benefits of SlideShare and the do’s and don’ts, my intent here is to make it easier for my B2B marcom colleagues to leverage this effective medium without a lot of extra work.

Leverage Existing B2B Marketing Communications

You already have the content from industry association meetings, trade show presentations and other sources. If there’s one thing B2B companies have in abundance, it’s PowerPoint presentations. Simply upload them to SlideShare and optimize them for search. Remember, SlideShare isn’t just for PowerPoint presentations. You can also upload documents and videos. Make sure your title tags and descriptions are keyword rich so you get a boost in search.

For example, let’s say you’re uploading a PDF file. Before you upload, review the properties of your PDF by opening the folder containing the file, then right click on “properties” and select the “PDF” tab. Make sure the fields for “Title,” “Author,” “Subject,” and “Keywords” are completed and accurately reflect the document’s contents.  Use the same title and tags along with a keyword-rich description on SlideShare when you upload the document.

Integrate with Other B2B Social Channels

SlideShare also integrates with other popular B2B social channels such as Twitter and YouTube—channels the BtoB Magazine survey says are used by 74 percent and 59 percent of B2B marketers respectively.  For example, you can have your Twitter stream appear on your SlideShare profile as well as Tweet when you upload a presentation to SlideShare.  If your company has a video library on YouTube, any YouTube video can be embedded into a SlideShare Presentation using the embed code from your YouTube video.

These are the free features.  Professional packages range from $19 – $50/month and include more business features.  Some of the features include advanced analytics, meetings with dedicated conference lines, lead capture forms and greater control over settings and look and feel.

Create Authority… Boost Search Ranking

SlideShare represents another outlet for sharing your thought leadership.  In addition, you gain another reason to tweet about your content as well as fodder for your blog, including embedding the SlideShare presentation into your blog post—all opportunities to boost your authority and rank in search.

Regardless of social channel, the data still point to search as a leading driver of B2B leads. The more you leverage your content and optimize it for search in each social medium, the more you’ll contribute to your rankings.

Additional Resources for B2B Marcom and SlideShare

By: Joan Damico

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