How B2B Marcom Can Accelerate Enterprise Social Media


The following presentation is excerpted from my 9-page white paper, Enterprise Social Media… The Next Trend in B2B Social MediaIt shares a number of reasons why B2B marketing communications teams are well-suited to lead or at least make a significant contribution to enterprise social media initiatives.  One of the most important contributions B2B marcom folks make is their social media experience… not to mention the fact that we’ve already learned from some of the most common mistakes, which I now see enterprises making.

Habit number two in Stephen Covey’s, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, is “Begin with the End in Mind.” When it comes to enterprise social media, it’s often ambiguous for colleagues to know how the end state is supposed to look.  Enterprises suffer from what marketers learned early on… you must not focus on social media tools; instead focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, see if, or what, social tools can help you accomplish your goal. Slides 13 and 14 include an example of integrating social tools into the enterprise communications mix.

So what do you think?  How are social tools being rolled out in your company? Are you leveraging the social media experience of colleagues, such as your marcom team?

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6 Responses to “How B2B Marcom Can Accelerate Enterprise Social Media”
  1. Joan Damico says:

    McKinsey Quarterly’s Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton recently outlined six skills leaders need to successfully apply enterprise social media. Take a look
    (may require membership to see the full text)

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Here’s another perspective on enterprise social media in a ZDNet article by Larry Dignan, featuring Jive CEO Tony Zingale. Tony says the enterprise social media hype is over now it’s time for enterprise social media to “show me the money.”

  3. Joan Damico says:

    And yet another video from the folks at Hootsuite, who now have an enterprise version of their popular social media management tool. Are we ready to say goodbye to email yet?

  4. Joan Damico says:

    I love this from one of my favorite business authors, Don Tapscott. Email should be replaced by enterprise social media for more effective knowledge management. Now we’re talking social enterprise!

  5. Joan Damico says:

    TechTarget writer Karen Goulart writes about enterprise social networking in her article, “Enterprise social networking done well can be a windfall for business” She focuses more on colleagues as social ambassadors, but includes informative links to enterprise social media resources.

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