B2B Marcom and the Social Media Center of Excellence


As enterprises become more social, B2B marcom teams may be best-suited to lead enterprise social media initiatives or at least participate on the social media center of excellence.I’ve been doing some internal communications lately; and in the process, the topic of social media comes up. Companies have the same internal clutter to cut across as we marketers when it comes to communication. Often internal social media platforms, which are infiltrating the enterprise, represent good communication channels when used effectively.  However, I’m seeing some of the same mistakes made in enterprise social media as I saw when B2B marketers first embarked on social media.  For example, lack of a comprehensive plan, lack of leadership support, lack of tailoring the message to the medium, etc.

All this talk of enterprise social media has me thinking that marcom folks are well-equipped to support, if not lead, enterprise social media endeavors.  After all, we’ve already made many of the mistakes and have learned from them.  Our B2B marcom experiences in social media can help speed adoption within the enterprise, so that businesses can realize the benefits of being a social enterprise–higher productivity (yes… HIGHER), greater innovation, better leveraged knowledge resources and a more engaged workforce.

Read my latest white paper, Enterprise Social Media:  The Next Trend in B2B Social Media, to learn how B2B marcom can lead the social media center of excellence.

Download the full text of Enterprise Social Media - The Next Trend in B2B Social Media



See a preview of my white paper Enterprise Social Media - The Next Trend In B2B Social Media

What do you think? Is marketing communications in the best position to lead the enterprise social media charge? 

By Joan Damico

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