3 B2B Copywriting Tips for Effective Mobile Content



B2B copywriters must adapt their writing to be effective writers for mobile marketing.

For B2B copywriters, concise copy is key to writing effective mobile marketing content.

According to Gartner, 2013 is the year the device market is expected to overtake the desktop PC market when it comes to internet access.  For B2B copywriters, that means even more concise copy, engaging headlines and clear calls to action.  In addition, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) / consumerization movement, is also driving the need for more concise content within the enterprise.

B2B Copywriting that Counts… and Clicks

Portrait… landscape… smartphone… tablet, does your copywriting make every word count? Start with the following three copywriting tips for more effective B2B content.

  1. Strong visible call to action
    Studies show that mobile searchers are more likely to take action.  Does your copy guide them to do so with a strong call to action that’s above the tiny mobile fold?  This is especially important for mobile landing pages according to HubSpot’s Your 12-Point Checklist for Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages.  They also suggest that if you can’t place your call to action above the fold, then add teaser copy to direct readers to the call to action below the fold. Remember, you have about 4 inches of space on a smartphone.
  2. Get to the point… faster
    With mobile, more than any other medium, B2B copywriters need to streamline their content in both word count and layout. Use bulleted lists and consider shorter keyword phrases than you would use for desktop searches. Mashable suggests, “think like you’re tweeting” as a means to write more effective mobile content.The upside-down pyramid method of writing is effective in mobile copywriting.  Get to the point first and use bold headlines that draw in mobile readers.
  3. Use active content
    When you consider a Google survey indicating that 67 percent of users are more likely to buy or convert after visiting a mobile-friendly site, copywriting that guides the conversion is important.  For example, hyperlinks, phone numbers, etc. are all active on smartphones and devices, so make sure your copy includes them. Buy nowdownload herefree report…keep it brief.

A few more B2B Copywriting Considerations for Better Mobile Results

It’s worth pointing out that in order for B2B buyers to gain value from mobile marketing efforts, copywriters must consider what buyers are consuming and how they’re consuming it. They’re searching… are your title tags and descriptions clear? They’re getting email… are your subject lines even more concise than an email delivered to a PC? They’re watching video… are your descriptions to the point and driving response?

Consider the integrated nature of mobile.  It’s everything you’ve written for desktop delivery but on a much smaller device screen and with the potential for instant response. Think about it… potentially everything you’ve written for a single campaign in the palm of your buyer’s hand.  That’s pretty powerful.  When writing for mobile, every word counts.   From search and email to video and mobile ads, keep your B2B copywriting consistent and concise to deliver results.

The following video by NewAngleStudio was based on 2012 trends, but still holds true for 2013. It provides excellent context around why B2B copywriters must adapt their writing style to the mobile audience. (It starts a bit slow, but stay with it for some interesting stats.)

By Joan Damico

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