Can B2B Integrated Marcom Teams Drive Enterprise Social Media?


My work in B2B integrated marketing communications (marcom) has me thinking that marketers, being early adopters of social platforms and tools external to the corporate environment, are well conditioned to help drive enterprise social media. Good B2B marketers understand the 360 degree impact of social media in garnering attention, facilitating engagement and helping drive revenue.  The goals are fairly similar behind the firewall—gaining attention in a world of cluttered in boxes, fostering engagement amidst numerous daily distractions and driving top and/or bottom line results for the company.

Social media can do for the enterprise, what it’s already done for marketing teams and their clients / prospects. The advantage is that B2B marketers have already learned from mistakes made early on in social media adoption, e.g., focusing on the tools instead of the strategy and objectives, not putting enough resources behind the initiative, failing to look at meaningful metrics and lack of governance. Social media has become successfully operationalized in many marketing organizations.  Now, as social media infiltrates the enterprise, perhaps the speed of adoption will increase and be a less bumpy ride, thanks to the efforts of marketing teams.

How can organizations effectively deploy enterprise social media? That’s the topic of my latest white paper, Enterprise Social Media… The Next Trend in B2B Social Media.  It includes a number of references to research from other sources.

For more information on Enterprise Social Media, read the expert opinions of the Social Media Dream Team on best practices in enterprise social media management.  My favorite quote, relative to scaling enterprise social media, comes from Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), Author of Six Pixels of Separation, “Social is the act of making all of the material that a company produces more sharable and findable.”


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