Is Your B2B Industrial Company Invisible on the Internet?


Many B2B industrial companies are invisible on the internet because they haven't optimized their websites

Many B2B industrial companies are invisible on the internet because they haven't optimized their sites.

So often I hear B2B industrial marketers say that their customers/prospects just aren’t online.  “Yeah, they have websites, but they’re not using social media and other online marketing techniques.”  The fact is, if you’re a B2B industrial marketer and you think you know all the players in your market because it’s a small niche community, then think again.  Industrial companies are definitely using search, and without an online presence (that’s presence and not just a website or company page), which now includes social media, you may be invisible on the internet.  Worse yet, your competitors may be visible, which makes your absence even more conspicuous. 

B2B industrial marketing case in point… United Linen and Uniform Services is one of the more traditional industries—uniform, linen rental and related services—and they won a B2B Twitterer of the Year (TOTY) Award.  Did I mention that they won the innaugural award back in 2008 when Twitter was beginning to gain traction? 

I’m not suggesting you jump in to social media–get a Twitter handle, a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn company page–and start social media marketing.    On the contrary, I’m suggesting that you start small and gradually integrate social media into your marcom mix based on achieving your marcom objectives.  Mark Ivey from his Marketing Profs post writes that it takes a change in the “corporate DNA” to socialize the company’s communications.  Ivey suggests we “dream big, but think small.” 

Here are three small steps B2B industrial marcom managers can take to improve online visibility:

  1. Start with your website.  There’s no point driving traffic to a poor website. Optimize your website so that is shows up in search for the keywords your clients and prospects are using to find you.
  2. Add a thought leadership blog that addresses the issues your customers and prospects face–keep it fresh and relevant.
  3. Integrate your website and blog with other elements of your B2B marcom mix such as trade shows, white papers, and industry association meeting presentations.

These three steps can help you form a strong foundation for future social media activity and increase your company’s visibility.  Remember, a web presence is more than having a website or company page.  It’s about being present where your customers and prospects are on the web, and being present with relevant, timely information.  

Share what your B2B industrial company is doing to increase visibility.

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