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B2B Content Curation Leverages Channel Partner Content

Content curation can be an effective way to leverage channel partner content.

No time to write original content?  Then become a content curator and aggregate existing content that’s relevant to your audience.  It may even inspire you to write content of your own.  Paper.li is an interesting free tool that aggregates Twitter tweets into a newspaper daily format.

So for B2B marcom pros, Paper.li offers an easy way for you to aggregate and customize content relevant to your customers and prospects.  They can subscribe to your daily as well as pass the link along to other colleagues, giving you more visibility.

My copywriting colleague, George Passwater, features “content marketing” in his George’s Content Marketing Daily. George says it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to prepare the daily.

Paul Dunay, co-author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies, produces his Paul Dunay Daily, which covers B2B topics on social media, technology and business.

Lee Odden, founder of online marketing firm TopRankMarketing.com, has a daily featuring PR news  

How can the B2B marcom mix benefit from content aggregators?

If you’re a B2B marketer who works through channel partners, content aggregation can help you leverage your channel partners’ content.   It’s a win-win for you and your prospects/customers, and it can boost your search ranking.

Find out if you’re channel partners have Twitter handles.  If they do, then you can create a daily featuring their content.  For channel partners who are marketing via Facebook, PostPost (not to be confused with social search engine, PostPo.st) lets you aggregate Facebook feeds.

Some B2B marketers are often concerned that their channel partners have adopted social media faster than the principle company.  Content curation could help principles work effectively with channel partners.  What do you think… is content curation a viable means to bring your channel partners’ content into your B2B marcom mix?

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4 Responses to “B2B Content Curation”
  1. Good point, Joan. Curation is a missed opportunity for B2B companies to offer relevant content to those in their industries who can’t afford the time to dig through it all. But there is a big world out there beyond Twitter and Paper.li.

    Companies might also consider aggregating and summarizing content from MSM papers and periodicals, analysts, academic researchers, government regulators and researchers, and industry associations. By sending the content out in regularly scheduled eNewsletters and archiving it on their websites, it’s a great way for companies to establish themselves as trusted sources. And the SEO boost won’t hurt either.

    • Joan Damico says:

      Thanks for your helpful ideas, Michael. For most B2B companies, their thought leadership sets them apart. As you suggest, the opportunity lies in leveraging their thought leadership.
      PS I enjoy your “MarCom Matters” newsletter.

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Here’s another perspective on B2B Content Curation from EngageSciences http://engagesciences.com/blog/2011/01/28/mcdonalds-obesity-and-curation-of-the-social-web/ Although the post uses a B2C example, it can apply in B2B as well. The post discusses how content curation can help put perspective around numerous disparate content for the purpose of reputation management. The post shares two streams, one that has a negative brand sentiment, while the other a positive brand sentiment. (Disclosure: the company does work in this area).

    Note the interesting “trust barometer” from Edelman.

    (Thanks to Joanne Langley from LinkedIn’s B2B Social Media group for the post)


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