B2B Marcom Tool that’s Cheap and Effective


If there’s one thing B2B companies have no shortage of, it’s PowerPoint presentations.  Why not include them in your B2B marcom mix via SlideShare and help boost brand awareness, search optimization and lead generation. 

SlideShare not only provides an effective way to repurpose your PowerPoint presentations, it also includes social networking links for commenting and sharing with other social networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  In addition, SlideShare provides code so that others can embed your presentations in their blogs or websites.  Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits to B2B marketers is the SlideShare “LeadShare” app, which turns your presentation into a lead generator.   There’s also a Slide2Lead app that synchronizes leads from LeadShare into SalesForce.

So B2B marcom managers, take an inventory of PowerPoint presentations that are relevant to your target markets.  Good sources of B2B marketing presentations include:  webinars, industry conferences and events, sales meetings, etc.  Remember to contact your sales channels for additional presentations. After you’ve categorized your presentations take the following steps to optimize your presence on SlideShare:

  1. Sign up for your branded SlideShare channel so the url should read www.slideshare.net/your_company_name.
  2. Give your presentation a keyword-rich title.
  3. Write a keyword-rich description.
  4. Use keyword-rich tags or tags relevant to a product or solution for which your prospects/customers may be searching.
  5. Apply consistent brand look and feel to all the presentations you upload.

From my B2B marcom experience, most B2B industrial companies don’t have the budgets to produce video content for YouTube, however, they do have the resources to produce PowerPoint presentations.  Slideshare provides an easy, affordable alternative to online video that can effectively leverage your company’s thought leadership and engage prospects and customers in online conversation.

Think about it…  how many PowerPoint presentations do you have right now that could be generating leads?

Here’s an excellent B2B presentation on social media via SlideShare embed feature. 

View more presentations from Dan Sears.

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2 Responses to “B2B Marcom Tool that’s Cheap and Effective”
  1. Joan,

    This is an excellent how-to post.

    You are spot on in saying that most industrial companies create many PowerPoint presentations but may not have the resources to produce videos. SlideShare is a perfect fit for these companies with the added benefit of social media sharing.

    I didn’t know about LeadShare and Slide2Lead apps. Those seem powerful add-ons for lead generation.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and some valuable resources.


    • Joan Damico says:

      Thanks, Achinta! Many B2B companies simply don’t have the resources to mount a full scale social media program. SlideShare gives them the opportunity to increase their social exposure without a lot of extra work to create content. They do, however, need to monitor activity on their SlideShare channel.

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